Start the New Year with a Car So Clean It Feels New

The new year is a great time to start afresh. Although it’s “just another date” and there isn’t really anything different about it than it’s the start of a new calendar year and you get a holiday, it holds a fair bit of significance to a lot of us.

What I’ve come to realise over the years is that many people have their own New Year rituals. My stepdad, for instance, facing the ever growing battle of the bulge, will every year embark on the Optifast diet, ultimately slimming down and keeping the weight off for a couple of months before it all comes creeping on back again. My best friend goes through the calendar and starts booking in music events and plays that she wants to see as she loves to have a full social life and isn’t a big fan of going out over the winter months.

For me, I like to go into the New Year feeling literally like everything is new. I scrub down every inch of my house (or, more often than not, get a cleaner to do it for me), I give my hair a trim and colour and go for a manicure and pedicure, and I even exfoliate from head to toe. I get a brand new outfit that I feel a million bucks in. I make sure the garden is in shape. I buy a nice bottle of wine I have never tried before. And I make sure that my car is in the best shape of its life in new year. Everything needs to be just right. And it makes me feel so good.

So onto that car clean I mentioned. When I go all out, I go all out. That’s not only washing the outside but giving it a cut and polish, too. This makes sure that any small scratches or wear that my car has had across the year is covered up and it’s not looking like the paint is sparkling like new again. I can see myself (in my new outfit, with my new hair) in the reflection of the car it’s so damn shiny. I really, really like that!

I also give the inside an overhaul. That means cleaning out any junk that’s accumulated under the seats, in the glovebox, and especially in the boot. I always get surprised at the stuff that I find in there. Generally, it’s $2 coins, old mail, and Mount Franklin bottles, but occasionally I’ll find things like the pair of shoes I thought I’d lost, some nice hand cream, or a book that I’m halfway through.

After cleaning out all my rubbish then I leave it to the professionals to give the inside of my car a good detail. This is something that’s not possible to do at home by yourself. While you might get away with giving your car a wash and polish in a DIY moment, detailing the interior involves some special stuff which is easier for other people to do.

The good thing about giving my car an overhaul is that I don’t even have to go anywhere to do it these days. I can just get a mobile car detailing service around to my house, and they can do it all for me, while I go about busying myself making everything else like new. I’d recommend the house/person/car new overhaul for anyone who’s looking to feel amazing stepping into the New Year. I only do it every year because it makes me feel so spectacular – and we could all use a bit of that, couldn’t we!